Karrie Hupp is a 36 year old survivor of Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer. Karrie was diagnosed in November 2013 and fought the most impressive battle to remission in just 11 short months. In 2014 she underwent 4 months of TAC chemotherapy, double mastectomy

surgery with expander replacement, 3 months of radiation treatment and full reconstructive breast surgery in 2014. Her positive attitude and fight for life allowed her to use what could have been the hardest year of her life to become the most inspirational candidate to share her story with the

world. Karrie didn’t let cancer take her life, she did the opposite and let cancer show her how to really start living. Karrie is a true living example of this disease and she not only brings direct experience of what she dealt with firsthand, but also qualifies as a confident consultant to guide any patient as well as the loved ones surrounding and supporting the patient through this journey.


Karrie not only has the knowledge of so many aspects of the journey itself, but she also loves to share her insight on things she dealt with along the way such as hair loss, losing one of the most intimate

female body parts, emotional stress and many other side effects that come with treatment.


This disease is known to attack a much older demographic, but Karrie was given this news at such a young age that she loves to share what it was like to be single and experience dating, friends and even

partying while never giving up on her fight for life. Karrie has a way of easing many fears with an unparalleled way of relating to her audience with a sarcastic and humorous attitude. Her young soul is so refreshing and her comfortable demeanor is captivating and motivating for anyone battling the trials of this disease. 


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"The phenomenon of health is a living activity, not a product.  It is not something to have, but a way to be. " 

- Robert Hoke