Nicole is a Nutrition Coach, Health Advocate and Artist, merging the pursuit of health and well being with creative philosphies to actualize her clients healing journey to enjoy lives of freedom and fulfillment.


An empowered life requires a healthy body. Physical power, stability of mind, an expressive heart and a vibrant spirit result from life-supporting nutritional choices as well as the ability to perceive and understand how one is responding to those choices.


Through practices of awareness, self care and foundational education of how the body works with food, Nicole works with clients to integrate health into their lives in a way that is simple. She efficiently distills much of the information and theories available today into an approach that eliminates confusion and makes eating well easy.


While passionately pursuing her dreams of being an artist in San Francisco, she found herself on the verge of adrenal collapse. At the young age of 27, Nicole was experiencing chronic symptoms of fatigue, debilitating depression/anxiety, acne and eczema, hair loss, overwhelming pain, systemic inflammation, intolerances to food and more. Unable to keep her life together because she was not physically, mentally, and emotionally capable, she endured failed relationships and financial breakdown. She was about to give up completely, resigned to a life of chronic pain, disease, and medication to manage her symptoms.  


Fortunately, she discovered what would make the difference for lasting wellness. Through functional nutritional counseling, powerful adrenal healing protocols, a solid support system, and fierce determination, Nicole has spent the last 5 years rebuilding her health and growing her life from the foundation of well being. Returning to health has been the greatest journey of her life.


Nicole is excited and passionate to share her story and her approach with as many people as possible. Integrating wellness in the WHOLE body (body, mind and spirit) allows anything to be possible and she is excited to share that with the world. It is her mission to demonstrate a happy and vibrant life through healing, contribution and service.


What feeds her spirit is hiking the mountains and deserts of her home in Arizona, creating art, traveling, loving her community, and growing and cooking organic food. She is building her dream of developing a sustainable and organic farming system to feed and empower others to acheive the ultimate freedom: a healthy lifestyle that allows them to live their dreams and follow their pursuits with aliveness. 


"Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." ~Albert Einstein.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"The phenomenon of health is a living activity, not a product.  It is not something to have, but a way to be. " 

- Robert Hoke