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Dairy products, especially SKIM MILK, are a hidden source of sugar. Milk is made up of protein, fats and lactose (a simple sugar). If you remove the fat from milk all you have left is sugar and some protein. If you tolerate dairy drink full fat milk, and eat full fat yogurt and cheese.

Look out for ANY processed food labeled LOW FAT of FAT FREE. It is probably full of sugar, as that is the only other option unless it is made of 100% protein.

Other hidden sources of sugar that seem healthy:

  • peanut butter

  • granola

  • cereal

  • flavored yogurt

  • dried fruit

  • trail mix

  • fruit juice

  • salad dressing

  • spaghetti sauce

  • ketchup

  • BBQ sauce

  • energy drinks

  • gatorade

Check your labels, once you are used to what to look for it gets easier with practice.



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