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Cancer itself is a disease process not just a tumor in the body. A tumor is to cancer what a heart attack is to coronary artery disease. It is the end result of a long process. In biological terms, a cancer cell is a normal cell found in our body that has become immortal and doesn’t die.

Why are immortal cells a problem?

Cancer cells have genetically mutated to not die and thus can grow indefinitely taking over or invading other areas of our body. One of the challenges cancer cells impose on the body is they rob oxygen and nutrition from surrounding cells. Another challenge is when they replace normal functioning cells that we depend upon to remain in balance. Some cancer cells over-produce the hormones and chemical signals of molecules of the parent cell type, further disrupting our balance of health.

What causes genetic mutation?

Geneticists will describe two causes of cellular genetic mutation, environmental toxins that disrupt and change normal DNA replication or a mistake has been made by the cell in that same replication process. However, everything the body does it dose for a reason. The body doesn’t make mistakes, so even the “mistake” has to be caused by something.

Ultimately, all genetic mutations stem from our lifestyle choices. We define our lifestyle as the decisions we make everyday to live; eating, drinking, breathing, exercising, mental attitudes, etc. These choices determine what our body will be exposed to and how well it will be able to function daily - thus determining if it is clean and healthy or toxic and dis-eased.

It is important to note that although exposure to toxins causes genetic mutation there is a deeper issue of why the body is unable to properly detoxify these chemicals and prevent the mutation. Read on for more on this…

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