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You do not need to count calories to lose weight. Many of you may know only counting calories doesn’t get you the weight loss you desire. Here are our top tips for making changes that will guarantee you will lose inches from your “waist-line”.

A wise women once said, “If it fits in your mouth you CAN eat it.” This is not about deprivation, restriction, or going without. This is about CHOOSING to ADD HEALTH to your life. The attitude you take is up to you. We invite you to be grateful you are making these choices, be kind to yourself when you don’t, and stay committed to your health goals.

CHOOSE TO EAT: meat and veggies (Eat 3-4 oz of protein per meal and 5-6 cups of veggies a day).

CHOOSE: brown rice, quinoa, coconut milk, almond milk Avoid: gluten, dairy and soy

CHOOSE: all the fresh veggies you want Avoid: processed foods; anything from a box or can

CHOOSE: unsweetened foods and beverages Limit: maple syrup, molasses, stevia, agave Avoid: sugar, honey

CHOOSE: water with lemon or lime, herbal/green tea Avoid: Caffeine, alcohol, soda (even diet), fruit juice

CHOOSE: green apples, berries Limit: strawberries, peaches, red apples, melon Avoid: bananas, oranges, grapes, plums, pears, mangoes, cherries, all dried fruit

**NOTE: This list is specific for weight loss. The recommendation to avoid these fruits are because they have a high glycemic index (i.e. are high in sugar). Eat them in moderation, 2-3x a week, once you are maintaining your natural healthy weight.

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