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Not Sure Where To Start? Try Detoxing

When I work with people, one of the first things we deal with is detoxing their bodies. Straight away, the best way to get clear about where the body is imbalanced is to clean up the immediate environment. More often than not by cleaning up the environment of its toxic load and allowing the body a bit of rest, we can ease and sometimes overcome issues of fatigue, digestive imbalances, acne, mood swings, sleep disturbances and more. Whatever symptoms persist we can begin to heal. Detoxing uncovers hidden offenders. For example, we may think that gluten intolerance is to blame for clients' experience of bloating, fatigue, and irritability, however once gluten is removed through detox and symptoms continue to persist, we might have to consider a lab to check for parasites. This allows for a more accurate understanding of which systems are in need of attention and where the body is sensitive or burdened. Clients are better able to express how their bodies feel and where their symptoms are actually located because of the state change that occurs. Once the system is cleaned up, we have a baseline of wellbeing to work from and true healing can take place.

Detoxing sets us up for success while we pursue optimal health. Here's why:

When we undergo a rigorous detox we remove, or begin to remove, the environment that calls for us to be sick and tired. When you set out to grow a garden, you remove the obstacles that are present, such as weeds and debris and add the missing elements to the soil that inject vital nutrients into your crop. By removing the weeds in our bodies so to speak, we call for a higher capacity to assimilate and utilize nutrients and ensure more efficient function of our body systems, thus allowing for more energy and a greater sense of well being. The body is a brilliant system of systems and it runs with a high level of efficiency when properly cleaned and supported.

Toxic burden, caused by stress, poor diet, antibiotics, alcohol/drug consumption, chemical exposure and environmental pollution, builds up in our bodies over time which burden the entire system, creating an environment primed to support disease and chronic illness. It causes our system to divert resources and energy from vital functions like supporting healthy immune function and digesting food. If pathways of elimination are backed up, i.e. you are constipated, it adds an even greater burden. Over time the body becomes tired, overworked and confused, unable to repair and restore.

Within days of a well structured cleanse noticeable changes begin to occur:

  • The whites of the eyes brighten and the under eye circles are greatly reduced.

  • General puffiness goes away all over the entire body. In my experience it is most noticeable around the belly and the face.

  • Quality of sleep improves which increases energy and stamina throughout the day and ones mood improves. Say good bye to the afternoon crashes.

  • Taste and smell heighten, becoming more sensitive and refined. Clean, simple food tastes amazing.

  • The body begins to discern the chemicals and artificial ingredients in packaged and processed foods. You don't have to take my word on this. Cleanse your system and see for yourself.

  • Your body consciousness heightens and you're more able to receive the information your body is telling you which allows you to make powerful choices that support and nurture your body.

  • Cravings are hugely diminished if not completely absent. This makes transitioning to a cleaner diet much much more easy with less suffering. It allows for a much greater capacity for success.

  • You will feel better and more vital because your body is processing, assimilating and eliminating much more efficiently.

With all of the immediate benefits, detoxing is worth the rigorous process. By focusing on what is to be accomplished and the positive outcomes desired, we can experience excitement and enthusiasm for the success that lay ahead. A few solid days of "hard" work allow for whats ahead to be much more enjoyable and successful. Get all of the above obstacles out of the way in a week and you can enjoy the benefit and quicker results of your health goals.

Contributed by Nutrition Expert and Journey Lust Coach, Nicole Fields

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